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Who we are

Our Mission

To increase the visibility and voice of Koreans and the Korean American community in the mainstream U.S. media outlets

To promote a positive image of Koreans and Korean Americans in the mainstream media through “Trusted media source”


Years of Bilateral Agreement between U.S. and South Korea.

It has been more than 60 years that the United States established a bilateral alliance with South Korea and more than 110 years since Korean Americans immigrated to the United States.  But what is surprising is that the Korean peninsula-related issues, or even Korean-American related issues, receive only cursory treatment in major U.S. media outlets.  It is through the media that Americans will identify priority issues of South Korea and learn more about the Korean-American community. American popular perceptions of South Korea and the Korean-American community are likely to be impacted positively by media coverage of diverse topics besides those solely on security issues.

To promote greater visibility and increase high-profile coverage of Korea and the Korean-American community in the U.S. mainstream media, the Network of Korean American Leaders (NetKAL) and Global Korean Leaders Foundation launched a project, entitled as ‘KORUS (Korea-US) Voice Project,’ aiming to develop strong networks between the U.S. media outlets and Korean-American media groups and to establish a Korea Resource Media Center for pro-Korea image projection and brand-building at the global level.


KorUS voice leadership

Our Leadership

Our Leadership is composed of a vibrant and diverse team of professionals from various backgrounds, including media, education, business and technology and are dedicated to promoting the voice of Korean community and realizing the KorUS Voice vision.  

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