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KorUS VOICE 2020 Survey

KorUS Voice 2020 Survey, prepared and conducted by the Network of Korean American Leaders (NetKAL) and Global Korean Leaders Foundation is a project which seeks to assess the Korean American community’s level of civic engagement; to identify the most pressing issues, and to understand how the community perceives its homeland and how it believes US mainstream media portrays Korea and Korean Americans. 

It has been 28 years since the 1992 LA Riots, also known as “4.29” in the Korean American community. We want to take this time to reflect on the past, but at the same time celebrate the resilience of the Korean Americans for overcoming the past and rising again. Sadly, our community, yet, faces another devastating challenge caused by COVID-19 and a significant number of racist and xenophobic outbursts, and discriminatory practices against Asian Americans have been reported from coast to coast. 

To speak out and address these concerning issues in the rise of hate crimes against the Asian American community, related to COVID-19, NetKAL wanted to hear from Korean American community in regards to the impacts of COVID-19 and hate crimes on them, their family and their  community. Therefore, we added a section to the original KorUS (Korean American) Voice Survey which includes 8 questions about the effects of Covid-19 resulting in the rise of xenophobia, government response, and the downturn in our economy due to the lockdown. 

This KorUS Voice 2020 Survey‘ will be a critically important step toward conveying to elected officials and the government the issues that are most important to our community, better understanding our collective power as a voting block and exercising our collective voices to make change. 

Please help us gather invaluable information and make your voice and opinions be counted and heard by filling out this quick, 10-minute survey. Your responses to this survey will be kept anonymous. The data will be reported only in the aggregate and no individuals will be identified. 

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