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Watch PBS ‘Asian American’ series, highlighting Asian American heritage

In the midst of increased discrimination in America against Asians and in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, a documentary titled “Asian Americans” produced by PBS and WETA was aired on PBS from May 11 to May 13. This five-part documentary series walks through Asian American history from the first Asian immigrants in the 1850s through the present and how this group has shaped America. The series features first-account Asian American stories of racism, immigration, war and overcoming challenges as refugees and highlights the achievements of remarkable Asian Americans who have contributed to sectors of society including art, business and technology. 

The production was led by a team of Asian American filmmakers, including Korean-American documentary filmmaker, Grace Lee who produced and directed two of the hours (episode 2 and 4). “I’m very proud of the work that we all did.and hope that the audiences who watch these episodes learn and deepen understanding about the remarkable impact of Asian Americans in America,” said Grace.

Watch the trailer for ‘Asian Americans’ at the episodes of Asian Americans are available to stream via PBS’s website. Also, check out this NYT article featuring Daniel Dae Kim, who narrates a couple of the episodes.


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